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" Fiji - a remote island group, were the only footsteps in the sands are your own."

Fiji - a remote island group in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 5 Flight hours from Sydney, 10 from Los Angeles. Usually passengers fly to here from those airport hubs with Fiji Airways - a good national airline.
Fiji has 2 big main Islands and quit a bunch of smaller island groups. The biggest and probably most beautiful is the Yasawa Island Group. They are about 2 to 5 hours (depending which Island you are going to) boat ride from the tourist capital Nadi away. At this place 90% of my pictures are created.

Must sees

I can recommend a trip to the Blue Lagoon (see picture below). The water is the clearest water you will ever see. You can easily see 100m far! In generell Fiji is a perfect spot for diving. And yes, Fiji is a diving tourist destination. Most are coming for the manta ray. Even though there is only one small Island with one small accomodation in the Yasawa Island Group, were you can actually swim and snorkel with them. 

Fiji and the sharks

And then there are the boat trip which offer shark dives. Most common are white and blacktip reef sharks but also bullsharks and tigersharks. The last two ones are big, aggressive and usualy only in the outer reefs of the Island Group were you need a boat in order to get there. In Fiji every local is a big friend of the shark but in Australia it's the complete opposite. When someone spots a shark there - no matter what kind of, the beach gets closed. When I swimmed over a reef and spottet a shark in Fiji, the boat next to me with "shark tourists" throwed sharkfood (dead Tunaheads) next to me to attract them. But the statistic may confirm the theory of Australia. As Fiji (remember, they are only a small Island nation) has quite a high number of total attacks compared to the lenght of the coast line.

In Fiji the time passes by a bit slower then in a busy city. So it became time for me to fly my new drone (the DJI Mavic Pro), and the camera made a great job!

Fiji is after 32 traveled countries, definitly the country with the happiest and friendliest people in the world.

Fiji Islands