New DSLR-Camera Body

Nikon D7100

After I lost my old DLSR Nikon D7000 after a djungle trip on Fiji, where I sweat too much and destroyed my Nikon with a waterdamege, I bought the follower as I am quite happy with the D7000-serie.
Good to know is when you are on such a exotic trip, you wont find any kind of DSLR’s in Fiji. Fiji is just to poor and there is way not enough demand for it as there are only approximately 3 million tourist per year. Even though you will find quit a lot of compact cameras in the capital of Suva. One of the main reasons why I bought the D7000-serie again is the automatic shot programm as well as the high speed shutter setting. With those options you can create amazing videos in a way higher resolution then you ever would need.

Reflex Camera Nikon D7100 with the Standard Nikkor AF-S 18-140mm lens f= 1: 3.5-5.6

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